July 02, 2013

7 Tips to Maintain Feminine Hygiene


Beauty does not only come from your outer countenance or dressing up in the trendy ensembles. Real beauty lies in maintaining personal hygiene and being healthy. Maintaining feminine personal hygiene not only helps you battle infections and detrimental diseases like cancer, it creates an aura of freshness around when you get busy with your household or office chores.

While a few women do not pay heed to this fact, there are many who tend to overdo it, oblivious of the fact that it might be harmful. Therefore, if you are a woman just spare a few moments to glimpse through the following 7 tips to intimate cleansing and maintaining personal hygiene.

Bathing- Taking a shower regularly is essential in order to expel the dead cells that accumulate on your skin. Go for a shower gel or a soap, which will not be harsh on your skin and maintain the PH balance.

Vaginal Care- While you must be douching or cleansing your vagina everyday thoroughly with douches and cleaners, the fact remains that the natural discharge is a self-cleanser and protects your vagina from bacteria and infections. Excessive use of soaps and cleansers can bereave the genitals of the protective barrier, thus making it vulnerable to infections and irritation. Therefore, it is advisable only to cleanse the external part with mild soap and warm water and not attempting to clean the internal genitals at all.

Care during Menstruation-  In order to feel fresh and stay healthy and odourless, changing your sanitary pads and tampons frequently throughout the day at the time of your menstrual period is important. Use of douches or perfumed products during this time of your cycle is again a strict no-no, as your reproductive tract is built in a way to cleanse itself on its own.

Use of Tampons- Proper usage of tampons according to the specific instructions and washing hands before as well as after using it is essential. It is advisable to change your tampons as frequently as possible paying attention to the fact that you do not wear one for more than eight hours. This is to avoid being afflicted with bacteria that causes illness called Toxic Shock syndrome, which is fatal in nature.

Clothing- Your vagina is naturally moist and therefore wearing cotton panties or underpants which allow air flow will prevent your vaginal area from developing yeast and bacterial infections. Also avoiding wet clothes as well as refraining from wearing panties at night can help ward of developing bacteria.

Post Sexual Activity- Gentle washing of your vaginal area with water and mild soap post sexual activity and using protection during the activity is essential to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Oral Hygiene-  Finally, of course you cannot afford to have bad breath and for this brushing regularly, twice a day will ensure a good dental health.