July 17, 2015

Simple Ways to Tackle Body Odour

Have you ever embarrassed yourself because of your strong body odour? Body odour is one of the biggest problems many of us face on a daily basis.
If you are loo
king at how you can scare this problem away, here are a few easy tricks that may actually help.

Bathe to wash off bacteria
Bacteria feed on the secretions made by our sweat glands. As a result, the more you sweat the more food for bacteria to feed on. You already know how much difference a shower makes on a sweaty day. In fact, to test if this holds any truth, you can wait a couple of hours after a sweaty work out and notice how your sweat (which is otherwise odourless) smells foul.

Be sure you use antibacterial soaps to rinse the pores off the odour causing bacteria. Also, dry yourself completely so that there are no damp places for bacteria to network on your body.

Don't Wear synthetics
Synthetics sit on your skin and don't allow it to breathe, which is why the sweat sticks on to your body and exacerbate the already existing body odour to embarrassing levels. Better opt for clothes made of natural fabrics like cotton and linen that allow your skin to breathe.

Change your clothes and innerwear daily
The thumb rule for people who suffer from excessive sweating is to keep clothes as clean as you do yourself. Wash them as often (after every use) and drop the idea of wearing the same shirt as yesterdays; the ripe aroma of the shirt will smother the ones around you, so why take the risk? Wash your innerwear before they reek. Be sure to also change your socks if you run the risk of foot odour. Alternately, you can get your shoe insoles changed if the foot odour becomes intolerable.

Use a strong deodorant/antiperspirant

Like we said, standalone sweat has no odour. Odour is largely caused by bacteria and their excrement. So, if you want to mask this odour, it is only clever to use a strong deodrant. Or if this does not help, you can ask your doctor to recommend an antiperspirant, which cuts down sweating; often these also contain a deodorant.

Changes in your diet
You think it's the summer sun that is biting you? Think again. Your sweat is made up of water, urea, ammonia and salt. So, by the book of logic, it is intelligent to watch what you eat because it affects how you smell.

  •     Avoid excessive intake of red meat because it will cause your body odour produce stink of worst kinds by tossing your digestive system upside down.

  •     Don't go overboard with fatty fast food, fried food and processed foods as these are known to impair your digestion due to toxin build-up.

  •     Weigh down spicy food intake and foods with strong aroma, such as garlic and onion. 

  •     Have more of green leafy veggies and fruits, sprouts, fiber, nuts and cook food in healthy oils; drink as much water that it safeguards you from dehydration.
Quick fix home remedies

  •     Prepare a decoction of white vinegar and alcohol and rinse it around your armpits. You can also use cider vinegar.
  •     Mix a tablespoon of baking powder and lemon juice and apply it on your body.
  •     Neem, known for its antimicrobial properties can come to you rescue. Boil neem leaves in water and drain the extract. Add some water to it and bathe. It will not only take care of body odour, but also keep a check on fungal infections.
  • Add a few drops of rose water in a bucket full of water; this will keep you from stinking and will tackle body odour for a couple of hours.
  • Use antibacterial soaps that contain neem extracts and lemongrass.
  • Add rosemary oil in some water and apply it on your body.
  • Cut potato slices and place them under your underarms.
  • To kill foot bacteria, you can soak your feet in salt water. However, if your feet begin to crack, avoid this remedy.

If everything fails, consult a doctor who would capably handle your excessive sweat grievance. Often such people are diagnosed with a condition called, Bromhidrosis- which is associated with changes in hormonal activity, diabetes, and other factors including inflammation inside the body.

Source: Yahoo lifestyle