March 14, 2013

Perk your boobs right up with these easy chest exercises


Get the side boob confidence of Jessica Biel with these simple moves to keep your puppies perky and pert.

Do the following three exercises twice a week to start seeing results within a month.

One: Arm lifts

Take a pair of hand weights and lie on the floor.


Rest the weights on your chest with your elbows out at a 90 degree angle from your body (think of the arms you need for the chicken dance!)

Tense your core and contract your abs.

Push the weights away from your chest until your arms are straight. Lower the weight back down to you slowly, counting to three as you go down.


Do three sets of 12 reps.

Two: The boob push up

Try doing the girl modified push up.


Lie on the floor, flat on your stomach.

Place your hands on the ground next to your armpits.

Bend your legs at the knees and cross your ankles, lifting them off the ground.

Push up with your arms as you pivot on your knees, ensuring you keep your back and neck straight. Do not arch your back.

Tensing your abs should help to stabilise your enlightenment.

Lower yourself to the ground slowly, but don't let your chest touch the floor. 


Do three sets of ten reps.

Three: The twirling arm

Stand with your feet hip width apart.


Raise your left arm out straight to the side of your body. Make a small circular motion with your hands. Do ten clockwise and then ten anticlockwise rotations.

Do the same with the right arm.

Then raise both arms and do the same actions simultaneously.