July 17, 2015

6 High Protein Foods You Should Eat

It’s not always easy to find foods packed with protein to meet your daily protein intake, so try some of these high protein foods.

The bodybuilder’s lifestyle is very different from that of an average joe, with the biggest difference being the bodybuilder’s diet. To the average person, food is another way to pursue some pleasure and enjoy what they put into their bodies. But to the bodybuilder, food is really nothing more than fuel to keep moving forward to the goal you have in mind. The problem with this is that the overwhelming majority of the bodybuilder foods take a pretty sizable amount of time to prepare, making it a real pain if you have a busy lifestyle. Fortunately there are a lot of other options that should be explored, such as getting your hands on some good, high protein bodybuilder snacks–that carry the same benefits of other nutritious, high protein foods.


It’s no surprise that every bodybuilder’s diet revolves around their protein intake. Protein is arguably one of the most important aspects of any nutritional diet, and meat is almost always going to supply you with an ample helping of it. Beef Jerky is not only delicious, but it is also high in protein. If there is one disadvantage to eating Beef Jerky it would undoubtedly have to be the price of Beef Jerky, which can sometimes be upwards of $8 for a single bag. Although it is pricey, it is hard to do better in terms of tastiness and protein content.  Try to avoid more processed brands which may contain extra preservatives and sodium like Jack Links and try local organic beef jerky if available.


tuna ranks among the best of high protein foods
The problem with most forms of meat is that it doesn’t stay to well once it has been taken out of refrigeration. Beef Jerky is obviously an exception to this, but ground beef and chicken are only good for so long once they are not in the fridge. However, with canned meat you can enjoy the meat whenever you’re on the go- and in this case fish too. Tuna is well known for its protein content and its delicious taste, and even though the taste may take a little hit when it is preserved in the can, you will be glad to hear that the protein is still there in its full form. Of course if you’re in the middle of a lecture at college you might get some stares if you start eating tuna because of the smell, but considering how cheap it is and how good its protein content is, that is something that can be overlooked.


Although protein is undeniably one of the most important parts of any nutritional diet for a bodybuilder, it is also not the only thing that should be taken into consideration. Peanuts can offer things to the bodybuilder that not a lot of other snacks here can. For instance, eating peanuts (and most forms of nuts) is a proven way to boost natural testosterone production. And even though most people should know this by now, your body’s testosterone production plays a critically important role in how it puts on muscle mass, in this case more is almost always going to be better. And even though heavily salted peanuts may taste better, it is always a good idea to limit your sodium intake, so when possible, go for the unsalted peanuts.


Almonds are similar to peanuts in a lot of ways, and the majority of the time the difference between buying one and not the other is purely preference. Still, like peanuts, almonds have a lot to offer those that use them as a snack. Almonds are a great way to get in your healthy fats to help meet your macros, and unlike peanuts, they are rarely salted so you don’t have to worry about a high sodium content. Also like peanuts, almonds come in a butter form (Almond Butter), and this makes a great sandwich if you’re looking for something a little heavier to eat on the run. If you’re stuck between either buying peanuts or almonds, remember that almonds are almost always going to be more expensive and rarely return in extra nutritional value over peanuts. But to some people the taste difference is all they need to justify the price.


So far we have only covered natural foods that happen to be great for a bodybuilder. However, there are also options worth mentioning that are purpose-built with the bodybuilder in mind, right from day one. Protein bars are a delicious way to make sure you get in your macros for the day, and they can be bought at pretty much any grocery store or fitness shop. They also come in a wide variety of options from high-carb (for energy) to gluten-free, for someone that is on a gluten free diet. By testing some protein bars you are sure to find a flavor that you will enjoy, whether it is cookies and cream or peanut butter. Just remember that the price of protein bars can frequently add up pretty quickly, so this shouldn’t be something for your everyday diet.


If you’ve spent enough time researching a diet on the internet for your bodybuilding lifestyle, then you have probably come across a recipe for making brownies using your whey protein. The recipes will vary depending on what you are using and what you want the finished product to be like, but the majority of the time you are going to need some whey, milk, and a microwave. Getting the recipe perfect is something that could take a little time and practice, but the preparation time and cooking time is rarely over a few minutes, making this a great snack for someone in a rush.
A quick and easy recipe for you to start with would be:
Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 scoop of protein, 1 splash of milk, 1 tablespoon of splenda
Oil a ceramic mug and mix all the ingredients and pour it inside the mug.  Microwave the brownie mix on high for around 2:00, it may vary with your microwave oven.  Wait for your brownie to cool and enjoy your quick tasty high protein treat.