December 29, 2011

Top Ten Detox Foods

In France, watercress soup - rich in iron and minerals - is often used as a weekend detox.


Blueberries have a reputation as a superfood - and deservedly so. They are rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, which have anticarcinogenic properties.


Artichoke hearts promote bile secretion, and also contain flavonoids which help keep your liver healthy.


Beetroot contains betaine, which helps protect your liver from alcohol - making it the perfect silly season vegetable.


If you can handle it, garlic is most beneficial when eaten raw. It's a great blood cleanser and has antibacterial powers.


Hold off on the coffee in the morning and start the day with a cup of hot water with lemon juice, said to help alkalise the body.

Leafy greens

Leafy green vegetables are rich in minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium, as well as cell-protecting phytonutrients.


Drink green tea for its antioxidants, while fennel tea stimulates the liver. Dandelion leaf tea is a diuretic, which helps flush out your system.


This spice gets it bright yellow-orange colour from curcumin, a phytochemical that helps regenerate liver cells and increases bile production.


Drink plenty of water to keep your detoxifying organs - liver, kidneys and digestive tract - hydrated.

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle