September 08, 2009

Todays tips


Health Begins In Your Mind

You will be as healthy as you image yourself to be. If you mentally image yourself to be fit, energetic and healthy and those attributes are important to you then it is impossible for you to be otherwise. It is impossible because you will reprioritize how you take of yourself including: drinking more water, eating healthy food more frequently and in less quantities exercising and taking nutritional supplements. If you associate a lot of food and drink with your lifestyle then you will prioritize a lot of food and drink as being important in your life. Your body and health reflects what is important to you.

A recent letter from the editor of the magazine Men's Health suggests if your read the magazine you will "different, stronger, leaner and smarter." I know you will be more educated on health but just sitting there and reading the magazine will not make you healthier. Taking action on some of the recommended exercises, nutritional foods and supplements will help you become more healthy, In the next health tip there will more specific recommendatations. For now think about the image that is important to you. If it is not important to your head then it will not be important to your stomach.
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