December 29, 2006

Foods that helps in Weight Loss


To give your weight loss program jumpstart, try to incorporate foods that actually help your body promote weight loss eating foods that make you feel less hungry. You will get surprisingly powerful results by incorporating exercise, lower calorie intake, COMBINED with eating foods that promote weight loss. Below are some foods that promote weight loss and are getting fantastic sustained results for many, many dieters.

Bee pollen

Bee Pollen, around 40% protein with a staggering composition of nutrients, enzymes and phytochemicals, is a virtually complete food. As well as a plethora of health benefits, it is said to stimulate the metabolism, speeding up the burning of calories, and its high content of lecithin can help to flush fat from the body. Bee pollen also functions as an appetite suppressant, containing the amino acid phenylalanine that is known to effect the area of the brain that deals with feelings of hunger and fullness. Unlike the chemical manmade derivative of phenylalanin called phenylpropanolamine used in commercial weight-loss products, phenylalanin is not addictive and has no negative side effects. Bee pollen also satiates the appetite and eliminates cravings because it is so nutrient-dense.


Nettles contain serotonin, a mood enhancing neurotransmitter with a calming influence. Serotonin also plays a role in the feelings of satiation one experiences after eating, hence functions as an appetite suppressant. It is for this reason that serotonin supplements have been designed to tackle food cravings and aid slimming.Studies have shown a direct link between obesity (due to overeating) and decreased brain levels of serotonin. This is no doubt one reason why nettles have a traditional reputation for improving weight-loss. The late naturalist and wild-food forager Euel Gibbons claims, stinging nettle is very efficacious in removing unwanted pounds!.Nettles are incredible mineral dense and are cleansing and detoxifying for the body. They are also great for skin, hair and nails as they contain the beautifying mineral sulphur.


The active ingredient in chilli called capsaicin is a thermogenic agent which helps to increase metabolism and the burning of calories and fat. This is why capsaicin is found in many natural weight loss formulas. Capsaicin is also believed to be an appetite suppressant. Two studies led by the same Japanese researcher (Yoshioka et al., British Journal of Nutrition; 1998, 1999), revealed the ability of cayenne to increase the metabolism of dietary fats in women as well as demonstrate modest reductions in appetite.In addition to weight loss properties, capsaicin has been shown to relieve pain, sinusitis, psoriasis, migraines and arthritis, improve circulation and stomach conditions and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.


Cacao (aka pure chocolate), contains chemicals that increase levels of serotonin in the brain, and as such has appetite suppressing properties. Serotonin levels are raised in part due to the amino acid tryptophan in cacao as well as the action of monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors (MAO inhibitors). These decrease our bodys ability to break down serotonin so that more of this neurotransmitter remains in the brain remains, creating feelings of fullness for longer.Cacao is also exceptionally high in antioxidants, has potent aphrodisiac properties, healthy minerals and mood-boosting compounds such as PEA the love chemical.Pure, unrefined chocolate contains none of the detriments of commercial products such as sugar, hydrogenated fats, milk, additives, agro-chemicals and solvents.

So basically a little long term planning, dicsipline, exercise and positive can-do attitude are key in losing weight. Knowing that certain foods ( Low GI ) and Beverages ( wu-long , oolong tea) are actually going to help you lose weight should also be encouraging ( Dieters are reporting 2-3 pound loss per week following these types of programs.) Many people are favoring these types of diet approaches over many of the more stringent diets that ban all carbs and only allow protiens. Its easier and more realistic because you have the freedom to eat a wide variety of protiens and carbs.. even milk chocolate and ice cream is ok within limits!
For the serious dieter, eating foods that promote weight loss should yield great results because youll never get the feeling you cant enjoy is defintely a lifestyle-longterm dieting approach.

Adapted from: GreenTeaPortal
Instant Foods
Buy 'instant' foods that can quickly be made into meals. Good buys are canned foods like tuna; low-fat, low-sodium ready-to-serve soups; beans like kidney beans, black beans and navy beans; chopped tomatoes; sliced mushrooms; and baby potatoes. Buy tomato-based pasta sauces, salsa,low-fat mayo, soy sauce, teriyaki, Tabasco and chili sauce to add flavor to grilled chicken breasts and stir-frys.

Prepped or Frozen Foods
Buy a variety of your favorite salad ingredients, pre-washed bags of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, fresh vegetables - pre-washed and ready to use, or buy frozen vegetables and fruits. Choose tomato or vegetable juices, or unsweetened fruit juices.

Stock your refrigerator with low-fat shredded cheese, cheese strings, low-fat yogurt, 1 percent milk, cottage cheese, Cool Whip, and eggs (keep some cooked for snacks).
MeatsChicken breasts, ground steak and a range of deli-sliced cold meats, like turkey, chicken and lean ham.

Grains and Carbs
Choose whole wheat cereals, pasta, basmati rice, low-sugar cereal bars, soft-flour tortillas, corn tortillas, whole wheat pita, English muffins and whole wheat bread. For nutritious snacks buy a range of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and fresh fruit.

How to Create Fast Healthy Meals

The next thing is learning how to combine these foods to create healthy, weight-conscious meals in minutes. Here is a sample day's eating:

Breakfast (2 minutes)
- Bowl of whole wheat cereal with 1 percent milk, topped with tbsp chopped nuts- Glass of Unsweetened Orange Juice

Snack (1 minute)
- 1 apple - 1 low-fat cheese string

Lunch (4 minutes)
- Whole wheat sandwich: low-fat mayo, lean ham/chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber- 8 oz pot low-fat yogurt

Snack (1 minute)
- Cereal bar- Handful dried apricots or apple rings- 2 Brazil nuts

Dinner (5 minutes preparation)Chicken Enchilada
- 1 Soft-flour enchilada- 1 cooked chichen breast- 2 tbsp salsa- 2 tbsp shredded cheese- Salad leaves, tomatoes, sliced onion, cucumber- 2 tbsp low-fat dressing
Spread soft-flour tortilla with salsa, top with some sliced cooked chicken and shredded cheese. Place in hot oven for 10 minutes and serve with some salad.

Snack (1 minute)
Dip some strawberries in a pot of low-fat chocolate Jell-O Pudding

Fast Healthy Food

The above 3 meals and 3 healthy snacks take a total of 14 minutes to prepare. Which is no slower than most fast-food restaurants. But unlike junk-food, the above foods help you stay healthy and manage your weight.

All the best foods for weight loss should generally be....
Fresh natural food
Nutritionally dense
High in fiber
Low in calories
Low in fat
Low in refined sugars
Low in sodium

Many good weight loss foods may also contain...
Complex carbs
High quality protein
High water content

Examples of some of the best foods for losing weight...
Wholegrain foods (muesli, oatmeal, wholemeal pasta, etc)
Baked potato
Boiled brown rice
Fresh fish

Adapted from: Weightloss4all